Why We Created This Blog

We are devoted coffee lovers who love trying different types of coffee and exploring new coffee gear. We explored Moka pots, French press, Espresso Machines, and many other coffee gears including the Baratza Encore grinder, VSSL grinder, etc. We also experimented with home roasting, and since then we love roasting coffee beans at home.

Different Moka pot size
Moka pots
French press espresso
French Press Coffee Brewing
De'Longi Magnifica Smart Cappuccino Machine
De’Longi Magnifica Smart Cappuccino Machine
Dark roast coffee prepared at home
Dark roast coffee prepared at home
Portable VSSL coffee grinder
VSSL Grinder
Parts of Baratza Encore Grinder
Baratza Encore Grinder

We are passionate about coffee and we love sharing with others so that they too can create delicious cups of java. With our tips and tricks on brewing and the right gear, you can enjoy a great cup of joe from the comfort of your own home.

So join us as we share our journey and tips on how to get the best cup each time!

Meet Our Team

Sujit Modak: Founder, Author & Editor

Sujit’s passion for coffee began eight years ago when he learned how to make cappuccino at home from one of his colleagues. Since then, his love for coffee has grown, and now it is almost like an obsession.

He is a chemical engineer by profession but still has taken the time to really dive into the world of coffee brewing. This has included exploring various methods, studying grind quality, and even comparing beans from places around the world.

These days he relies on De’Longhi’s cappuccino machine while still ensuring a cup of joe each morning comes with great attention to detail. He likes to hand-grind his own beans right away in order to get the best cup possible and ultimately enjoy what is left of his never-ending pursuit of the perfect cup of java.

Sujit Modak

Dipan Shaw: Author

Dipan Shaw is a remarkable individual with an impressive academic background and a genuine passion for coffee. He strives to craft the perfect cup of joe with his diverse collection of coffee gear and prefers to taste great coffees from around the world.

His passionate enthusiasm for both science and coffee is evident in his lifestyle. He even fits in time for writing about his beloved beverage despite being a busy Ph.D. scholar!

His expertise and insight into the world of coffee are invaluable, proving that it pays off to take a step back from our day-to-day lives and appreciate a simpler joy – in Dipan’s case – enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Dipan Shaw

Tashfiq: Co-founder & Author

Tashfiq’s obsession with coffee started when he was gifted his first dripper brew maker almost fifteen years ago from his employer company. Since then, he has spent countless hours perfecting the pour-over techniques, experimenting with different grinds, and finding the perfect beans to make his cold brew. His dedication to coffee led him to become a passionate home barista.

Nowadays, he favors the Moccamaster coffee brewer and begins each day by grinding his own coffee manually and taking care in preparing each cup. He loves helping other people find the same satisfaction he has found by mastering the art of making great-tasting coffee – both for himself as well as for others.