Baratza Encore Grind Settings: How to Get Perfect Grind

Extracting maximum flavor from your favorite coffee beans requires perfect grinding. And the grind size varies depending on what process you are using to make that bold cup of coffee.

When you the Baratza Encore to grind the coffee, you need to have as many grind settings as possible.

So, what is the Baratza Encore grind setting? Baratza Encore has 40 different grind settings to deliver perfectly grounded beans for all types of coffee.

We will elaborate on the Baratza Encore grind setting for various coffee-making processes. Thus, will give you a clear idea of how the grind size will be in each setting. Let’s get started.

Range of Baratza Encore Grind Size & Levels

As we have already stated, you get 40 grind settings in Baratza Encore. These settings indicate how fine or coarse the grind will be. The lowest setting is 1 and it produces a grind size of about 250 microns.

One thousand microns are equal to one millimeter, so the grind size will be roughly a quarter of a millimeter. This grind size is suitable for making Turkish coffee.

Baratza Encore Grind Settings
Baratza Encore Grind Settings

Crank the setting up, and it will go up to 40 to deliver a grind size of about 1200 microns. This size is equal to roughly one and a quarter millimetre, which is perfect for making cold brew coffees.

Brewing Techniques with Different Baratza Encore Grind Settings

Before we get to the detailed discussion, take a look at the Baratza Encore grind size chart for various coffee-making processes.

Grind SettingGrind TypeCoffee Making Process
1-3Extra fineTurkish coffee
4-16Medium fineMoka Pot
4-23Medium fineAeropress
11-29MediumPour-over, Siphon
17-23MediumDrip coffee, K-cups
24-29Medium coarseChemex
31-36CoarseFrench press, cupping, percolators
37-40CoarseCowboy coffee, cold brew

Now that you have a quick idea of the grind setting, let’s run you through the details.

Setting 1-3

It delivers the finest coffee grinds at the size of about 250 microns or a quarter of a millimeter. This setting is commonly used for making Turkish coffee. Though traditional grinders can deliver a size of about 100 microns, this setting is good enough for Turkish coffee.

Baratza Encore Grinder
Baratza Encore Grinder

Setting 4-9

For an optimal espresso, the grinding size should not exceed 400 microns. Grinding to a finer texture yields a tasteful flavor with optimum brewing time, thus avoiding a bitter or lighter drink [1].

Start at setting 8 and see how your espresso pulls as well as how it tastes. 

Alexander Choppin,

Setting 4-16

This is a medium-fine grind size for stovetop espresso or Moka pots. In our opinion, it would be better to use settings higher than 10 to produce the perfect grind for this type of coffee.

Setting 4-23

The grind type here is also medium fine, like the previous setting. And it is used for Aeropress. You need to choose the setting wisely, depending on the brewing time of your coffee.

If you brew for a short period, select lower settings to get fine grinds. For longer brewing, select higher settings to get coarse grinds.

Setting 11-29

This setting is for medium grinds because pour-over or siphon methods use this grind size. Thus, these processes have a longer brewing time, so the grind needs to have surface contact with water. Depending on how strong you want the coffee, you can adjust the setting to get a finer or coarser grind.

Setting 17-23

You can use this setting to make drip coffee or extract K-cups. The brewing time is almost similar to the previous process. Adjust the grind setting to your preference.

Setting 24-29

Chemex filters have a low extraction rate, so the coffee grind should be a bit coarse. This setting delivers medium coarse grinds that are perfect for coffee makers like Moccamaster.

Setting 31-36

When you use a French press or percolators, this setting delivers the most suitable coarse grinds. The process takes a long time, and the coarse grind ensures the coffee isn’t too strong.

Setting 37-40

Making cowboy coffee or cold brew coffee takes the longest brewing time. These grinds are extra coarse and are usually brewed for about 12 hours. The setting delivers coffee grinds at the size of more than one millimeter.

Baratza Encore
Baratza Encore

How to Achieve the Perfect Grind Setting?

You can adjust the Baratza Encore grind setting by rotating the hopper in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The setting number is engraved on the scale. If you rotate the hopper in a clockwise direction, it will select the higher numbers and deliver coarser grinds.

But if you rotate it anti-clockwise, it will select lower numbers to deliver finer grinds. Remember, the grind size may vary with respect to the bean’s freshness, roasting time, humidity, etc.

Tips to Make the Perfect Grind on Baratza Encore

Follow these tips to get the perfect grind every time.

  • Use the pulse button at the front to grind in short durations
  • Keep the grinder clean to prevent stale grinds from mixing into fresh grinds
  • Start with the lowest setting and make your way up for any coffee-making process
Beginner’s Choice
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  • Beginner’s friendly
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  • Thermal overload cutout
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Check the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What grind setting makes the best coffee?

Though this goes down to one’s preference, medium grinds usually taste better. If the grind is too coarse, all the flavors might not be extracted. And if it is too fine, the flavor may be bitter [2].

If your cup is bitter-tasting, the most likely reason is that your coffee grounds are too fine. The finer the grind, the slower the rate water seeps through the grounds. This results in an over-extracted brew that is bitter, hollow, and tasteless.

Does a finer grind mean more robust coffee?

Yes, a finer grind means stronger coffee, generally. But it will also depend on the brewing time.

How do you know if your grind is too fine or coarse?

If the grind clumps much while making coffee, it is too fine. But if there is no clump, it is too coarse.


Finding the perfect Baratza Encore grind setting is crucial to enjoying the perfect coffee, whether at the beginning or the end of the day. The grinder offers 40 settings to get the right grind size for various processes.

These settings deliver 250-1200 microns of grinds to prepare any type of coffee you want. The grind size chart gives a clear idea of which setting to use and when.

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