7 Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50: Review And Buying Guide

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning. And if you’re like most coffee lovers, you want to make sure your cup is as perfect as possible. 

That’s where a burr coffee grinder comes in. But with so many options on the market, which one should you choose? 

We’ve done the hard work for you and found the Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50 USD. Keep reading to find out more!

How Do We Choose The Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50? 

When selecting the right coffee grinder for your beans, a burr grinder is the best option. These are considerably better for your coffee beans and ensure that you have the best-tasting coffee you’ve ever had.

The only disadvantage of burr grinders is the cost. These grinders are not inexpensive to produce due to their sophisticated design and numerous moving parts.

The good news is that these coffee grinders can be purchased for less than $50. There are a few terrific solutions out there, and you don’t have to forgo functionality just because they’re inexpensive.

We analyzed various aspects in our search for the best grinders that won’t empty your pocket. These comprise the hopper and grinder’s capacity, settings, quantity, consistency, and warranty information. Since the burr grinders we tested were from various manufacturers, these variables aided us in identifying the best products. 

Best Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50

Best Electric Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50

Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Brew the perfect cup of coffee with Secura’s electric burr grinder. This handy appliance comes with 17 Grind size selections, so you can find the perfect setting for your preferred brewing method. 

The quantity control dial lets you choose how much coffee you want to grind, and the automatic shutoff ensures safety. Plus, the burr grinding mechanism preserves natural aroma for a richer flavor.

Become your own personal barista with the Secura Electric Burr Coffee Grinder. This automatic grinder is perfect for grinding fresh coffee beans each time, taking up minimal counter space. With a powerful 120V motor, this ETL-approved product is ideal for North American users.

It does, however, have drawbacks. This isn’t a wrong choice if you have low expectations and aren’t finicky about the grind, but we were surprised to discover that a grinder that claims to have 17 settings appears to have only one during practical use.

  • For 2-12 cups, the machine will automatically stop off.
  • There are 17 grind size selections options available.
  • It can grind uniformly.
  • The size is compact and takes a small space.
  • It’s a lot messier than it should be.

Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill

Introducing the Chefman Coffee Grinder Electric Burr Mill! This top-of-the-line coffee grinder is perfect for grinding your own beans to perfection. With 17 grind options, you can customize your grind to get the perfect cup of coffee every time. 

The large hopper holds up to 2.8 ounces of coffee beans, making up to 12 cups at a time. And with its 110-watt motor, you can count on a consistent, even grind each and every time. With its burr mill system, your coffee beans are ground evenly, and without overheating, so you get a delicious, full-flavored cup of coffee. 

The easy-to-use one-touch operation makes grinding your beans quick and easy – just detach the burr grinding disc and container for easy cleaning.

On the other hand, this model falters since it excels mainly at fine or finer grinds; if you want anything coarse, such as a French press or cold brew, you’ll be disappointed. It’s also been chastised for looking too static and cluttered.

  • They can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Provides a steady grind.
  • It’s reasonably quiet.
  • It has a small footprint.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • Unable to produce a coarse grind.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme

Looking for a way to enjoy the optimal flavor from your fresh coffee beans? The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme is just what you need. With its 18-position grind selector, you can choose the perfect grind for your coffee grounds – from ultra-fine to extra-coarse. And the removable 8 oz. bean hopper and built-in grind chamber make it easy to use and clean.

The one-touch power bar grinds your coffee beans effortlessly, and the electric timer automatically shuts off the unit when your grind cycle is complete. 

This coffee grinder is perfect for any coffee lover with its heavy-duty motor and convenient design. Plus, cord storage and an additional scoop/cleaning brush make it easy to keep your counter space clean and clutter-free.

For the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme, safety is the priority. People who want to use the grinder must ensure that their hopper and chambers are closed. If you set the quantity, the machine will stop when it’s done grinding. However, static charge can be an issue with this grinder.

  • It’s lightweight and portable.
  • There are 18 different grind settings.
  • Extra-large storage space.
  • The hopper has been detachable.
  • Static electricity is produced.

Coffee Cafe Grind Automatic Burr Grinder

Looking for a uniform grind size and consistent coffee flavor? The Coffee Cafe Grind Automatic Burr Grinder has you covered, with its flat burr plates and 18 grind-size settings. 

This grinder can handle any desired brewing method – perfect for both beginners and experienced baristas alike. It’s fully automatic and hands-free and ideal for busy coffee shops or at-home enthusiasts who want to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup every time.

This isn’t your average coffee grinder – the Coffee Cafe Grind Automatic Burr Grinder is practically automatic! With a large bean hopper, dishwasher-safe grind chamber, and automatic shutoff, this grinder makes it easy to get that perfect cup of coffee. Plus, the included cleaning brush makes cleanup a breeze.

The disadvantages are that it is deafening and can generate a lot of static while grinding coffee. 

  • It has a removable bean hopper.
  • There are 18 grind-size settings on this machine.
  • It can hold a lot of stuff.
  • It’s effortless to clean.
  • It is loud and a bit messy.

Best Manual Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50

Best Manual Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – ‘Skerton Plus’

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – ‘Skerton Plus’ is the perfect choice for coffee lovers who want freshly ground coffee with a precise, uniform grind. 

The ceramic conical burrs ensure a consistent grind, while the ergonomically designed crank handle makes it easy to operate. Detachable for compact storage and easy travel, the Skerton Plus is perfect for taking your fresh grinds on the go.

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – ‘Skerton Plus’ is the perfect grinder for coffee newcomers and professionals alike. It is compact in size, making it ideal for travel or home use. In addition, the Skerton Plus has been updated with a stronger grind shaft and burr stabilization plate, resulting in a more precise and uniform grind.

However, we discovered two flaws with this fantastic grinder. First, the plastic lid does not last very long. The grinder design is also unsuitable for holding; the rounded shape makes it challenging to manage when grinding.

  • Sturdy and long-lasting construction.
  • It can grind huge batches.
  • Travel-friendly and compact.
  • It provides a comfortable grip.
  • The plastic lid isn’t very long-lasting.
  • When grinding, the rounded shape makes it challenging to handle.

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse is the perfect manual coffee grinder for anyone who wants to enjoy fresh, delicious coffee beans on the go. Unlike electric grinders, this portable grinder requires no batteries or long cords to operate – just turn the hand crank, and you’re good to go! 

JavaPresse is also super easy to use; simply pour your desired amount of coffee beans into the top chamber, adjust the grinding level, and crank away. And unlike other manual grinders, JavaPresse is designed with a patented conical burr system that eliminates over 90% of the noise produced by other grinders. 

This grinder is crafted with the same attention to detail as traditional Japanese cookware and features a patented ceramic coffee burr that is tested to last five times longer than comparable stainless steel models. 

The grinder also boasts a sleek stainless steel frame and convenient size, making it the perfect travel companion for coffee lovers. So whether you’re camping, hiking, or just relaxing at home, bring along your JavaPresse.

On the other hand, this machine is not for you if you care about grind consistency, don’t want to break a sweat, or are brewing for a whole household. The JavaPresse’s grind isn’t always consistent, and the settings can be fiddly.

  • It’s manual, so you can’t beat it for silence.
  • There are more than 15 options.
  • It’s ideal for travel, camping, or any outdoor activity.
  • Excellent customer service with video tutorials.
  • The grind isn’t the most consistent.
  • A little time-consuming.

Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder

Looking for a high-quality coffee grinder that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder! This grinder delivers grind levels comparable to expensive electric coffee grinders but at a fraction of the price. With its easy grinding mechanism and ergonomic design, this grinder is perfect for anyone who loves coffee made from freshly ground beans. 

The Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder is perfect for coffee lovers on the go. The easy-to-load hopper holds 60 grams of fresh coffee beans, and the grounds are conveniently caught in the glass base. The ceramic Burr grinder ensures a consistent grind, and it’s easy to clean and maintain.

Plus, it comes with a handy chart that shows you the perfect time and setting for each type of coffee preparation method. So whether you like your coffee AeroPress style or French Press style, the Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder has covered you!

Since it is a manual coffee grinder, it is ideal for traveling or camping. Additionally, the ceramic burr aids in the grinding and cleaning processes. However, the adhesive base catches a lot of crumbs and trash.

  • It provides flawless precision.
  • It’s simple to grind and load.
  • Guaranteed for life.
  • 15 precise adjustments are included.
  • Crumbs and detritus are collected by the sticky base.

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Budget Coffee Grinders Under $50

Burr grinders deliver the most uniform and adjustable coffee grind, making them an excellent addition to your coffee brewing experience. But how can you find the best budget coffee grinder under $50? 

This section will teach you to find the best burr coffee grinder under $50. Keep reading for our quick buying tips!

How To Choose The Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50

If you are interested in more options:

Electric Or Manual

The first thing to consider is whether you want it to be electric or manual. Although you’re probably envisioning an electric model in your head — after all, we’re talking about an appliance – don’t forget the manual models on the market. 

If the ceremonial nature of your morning or evening coffee is vital to you, the meditative benefits of grinding by hand are worth investigating.

Manual grinders are great for camping, traveling abroad with your coffee addiction, or if you just can’t get a good brew anywhere else.

On the other hand, electric grinders may be a more efficient option if you have guests over for coffee or brewing for four roommates daily.

Speeds And Settings

You should be aware of the options of a burr grinder once you have purchased one. You should have complete control over how your coffee beans are ground. For example, if you wish to prepare espresso, you can select a fine grind setting. 

You’ll need a burr grinder that lets you select from various grinding rates in terms of speed. Higher speeds, of course, imply finer coffee. While a faster grinder is appealing, you also need one that is firm and does not generate a lot of static electricity.

Conical Burr Or Flat Burr

The beans are directed through cone-shaped burrs in conical burr coffee grinders. The beans pass between the flat burrs as they move together horizontally. 

Both types of grinders provide an equal grind and are ideal for everyday usage.

Conical burr grinders are preferred by particular baristas because they are more forgiving when it comes to setting the grind size. They also don’t clog as easily as flat burr grinders, making them more suitable for heavy use.

Capacity Of Hopper And Container

You can grind more coffee beans and serve more people with a larger hopper and container capacity. However, there are a few things to consider while deciding on the size of the hopper and container. To assist you in making this decision, you must first determine how frequently you will use the grinder. 

You should also consider the size of your household and how many members enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning. 

A bean hopper’s typical size is 8 oz, making it excellent for individuals or small to medium-sized families. 

One of the best capacity grinders was the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme. It can grind enough coffee beans to make 32 cups of coffee.

Noise Level

The sound of a burr grinder is very intimidating. So any burr grinder that makes a lot of noise should be avoided. 

A grinder with a high-speed motor that generates less heat and makes no noise is ideal. 

Also, when grinding, make sure the grinder does not vibrate a lot because this will cause extra noise.

Size And Portability

Many people prefer a manual grinder to an electric grinder because of its smaller size. You must, however, first determine where and how you will utilize your grinder. Then choose a product that fits these criteria.

Consider how easy it will be to use and how large the chamber will be for your brewing needs when selecting a grinder. Then determine whether you’ll bring it on your trip or not.

Traveling with a compact grinder is a breeze. These grinders allow you to have great coffee wherever you are.

While traveling, you can still have a nice cup of coffee in your hotel room. To take with you, all you’ll need is a manual grinder.

Features, such as size and substance, must be considered. For instance, squeezing a heavy glass grinder into your bag and having it break midway through your travel isn’t ideal.

When it comes to portability, the smaller the device, the better. For example, a large grinder is unneeded when you’re attempting to pack light and just need a cup or two of coffee at a time.

It’s also a great idea to take a manual grinder camping or on a trip. Then, after grinding your beans, you can make a cowboy brew over an open fire or an espresso-like shot from a Moka pot.


You’ll see the varied burr materials when looking over the options above. It’s possible to find a grinder with stainless steel or ceramic burrs.

Ceramic burrs are often more expensive than stainless steel burrs, but they last longer because of the durable material used. On the other hand, Ceramic is easily chipped if it is bumped or if the beans you are grinding contain a stone (accidentally). They do, however, have a propensity to become dull after a while. 

Conversely, heat is produced by stainless steel burrs, which may alter the flavor of your coffee.

Burr grinders can be found in glass, plastic, or even wood. These factors may also influence your decision.

The amount of ground coffee in the chamber is visible through glass grinders. You can also see the grind size, which allows you to make modifications if the settings are incorrect.

Several hand grinders have wood-like qualities. These features may improve the aesthetic of the grinder. However, keep in mind how long it takes for wood to dry once washed, as this could be an issue.

Plastic is an example of a low-cost material. However, if there is plastic in the wrong places, the grinder may break more quickly.

Easy To Clean

When choosing a grinder, look for one that is effortless to clean. This is because ground coffee can stick to some areas and produce an odor. 

Choose a grinder with collapsible pieces to make cleaning easier, such as the Chefman Coffee Grinder. We were especially thrilled by the Eparé Manual Coffee Grinder‘s easy-to-clean features. 

Coffee that has been freshly ground can adhere to the sides of your grinder. Therefore, having a grinder with such cleaning functions might make the operation go more smoothly.


If you’re seeking the best burr coffee grinder, make sure it’ll last long. This can be accomplished by choosing a grinder from a renowned manufacturer made of long-lasting materials. 

You can also check to see if the device is covered by a guarantee for a particular amount of time. You won’t have to purchase a new grinder if yours breaks.

Make it a point to seek out brands that are easy to contact. Spare parts are also helpful if your grinder’s parts break down in the future. Then, you may simply change the parts rather than buy a new grinder.

You will need to clean your manual coffee grinder regularly to ensure that it lasts a long time regardless of the one you choose.


While many people overlook the aesthetic value of burr grinders in the kitchen, they provide far more than you may realize. The Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme, for example, is a sleek grinder that may add some style to your kitchen. 

Get a nice-looking burr grinder that will make your kitchen seem nice and make you delicious coffee every morning. You should also look for an ergonomically constructed grinder to make the operation easier.

Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50


Is a low-cost burr grinder worthwhile?

If you’re looking to invest in a quality grinder, there is no better option than the burr; they provide more control and durability than blade units at a reasonable cost.

A burr grinder is unquestionably a wise investment, and in every regard, they are superior to blade grinders. Of course, the less expensive choices are not as exact or durable as the more expensive ones, but they are an excellent alternative to a blade grinder.

What’s the deal with burr grinders being relatively expensive?

A burr grinder is a complicated piece of machinery. The burrs must move concerning each other and have the ability to be altered, so it’s not as simple as a revolving blade alternative. A good burr grinder takes time and works to make, which is reflected in the price.

Is it possible to sharpen coffee grinder burrs?

Coffee grinder burrs, unfortunately, are nearly impossible to sharpen due to their form and placement. Therefore, the best solution is to remove and replace the burrs if they become dull.

The Final Verdict

It was an intriguing trip to find the Best Burr Coffee Grinder Under 50 USD. While reviewing the various goods, we enjoyed preparing some freshly ground coffee.

Our top pick is the Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme. With its 18-position grind selection, it grinds your fresh coffee beans uniformly and reliably and delivers them at a surprisingly affordable price.

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder, which comes in at best for the money, is a delightful little manual grinder that will guide you into the world of freshly ground coffee. 

You’ll be astounded by freshly ground coffee’s rich, nuanced flavors and fragrances if you’ve never tried it. We hope these reviews help you get off to a good start and choose a low-cost coffee grinder!


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