A Guide to the Best Coffee Beans For Moccamaster

While everyone has their own coffee preference, only some beans will yield better than others. Moreover, if you’re using Moccamaster coffee machines, choosing the right coffee bean can definitely increase your coffee experience.

So, which are the best coffee beans for Moccamaster? Well, the medium-roasted and medium-coarse grounded beans are perfect. Also, Moccamaster can provide the best quality coffee from lightly roasted beans.

In this article, I will discuss some types of beans from which you can get the best output. If you are a coffee lover and planning to buy a Moccamaster maker, stay with this article. Today we’ll help you choose the perfect coffee for your unique taste!

Why Moccamaster Coffee Maker Is A Good Investment? [Stand Out Features]

The excellency of a coffee machine depends mainly on the quality of the brews. When it comes to the quality of the brew, the Moccamaster coffee maker gives you the best quality brew and a great taste [1].

However, it comes with great and unique features that differentiate the machine from other machines. Here we’ll discuss some of the features below.

“From the Moccamaster’s copper heating element to the shape of its brew basket and outlet arm, every component is thoughtfully engineered to ensure a consistently perfect brew every time.”


Fast Brewing Cycle

The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) [2] recommends 6-8 minutes of the brewing cycle. But this coffee maker completes the cycle within 6 minutes.

Additionally, after brewing for two minutes, the water temperature rises to 200°F and ranges between 200°F-205°F during the whole cycle, which is perfect for a great cup of coffee.

Dual-coil Copper Heater

The Moccamaster coffee maker contains the feature of dual-copper heating that heats the water to an accurate temperature quickly. However, the traditional cheap machines don’t heat the water to the proper temperature. Sometimes, they even overheat the water.

Top Features:

  • Heats water to the correct temperature (200°F-205°F) for brewing.
  • Brew 10 cups of coffee within 4-6 minutes.
  • Automatic shut off
  • 5-years warranty
  • SCAA certified

Transfer Pipe

Another feature of the Moccamaster is an extended transfer pipe. Containing this pipe has a significant advantage in balancing the whole coffee. This transfer pipe includes a nine-hole showerhead. The primary function of this pipe is to permeate the grounds and provide a balanced coffee cup.

Thermal Carafe

This thermal carafe is made of stainless steel. Besides, it is a double-walled insulator that keeps the coffee hot for a long time. Thus, you can have a cup of coffee anytime you want.

Automatic Shut Off

The machine has different hot plates, which keep the coffee adjusting temperature. This temperature will range between 175°F-185°F. And after reaching this, the machine will shut off automatically after 100 minutes.

What Types Of Coffee/Coffee Bean Goes Better With Moccamaster?

You can use any sort of coffee/coffee beans in the Moccamaster coffee maker. But some beans go better with them, thus consider these factors while choosing coffee or coffee beans for your coffee machine:


You should choose coffee or single-origin rather than blended ones. Because Moccamaster is capable of extracting the full flavor from the coffee beans. Therefore, it will be a waste of the machine’s capability if you don’t use a single-origin coffee bean.

Also, while grinding the blended-origin coffee beans, the extract and flavor will get mixed. And you won’t get the best result from this type of bean.

Roasting Level

Light and medium roasted beans are the best options for this machine. The medium-roasted beans meet and maintain the ideal water temperatures of 200°F-205°F. At this level of heat treatment, the flavor and taste of the beans will stay almost intact [3].

“Medium roast coffee is a brown color and rarely has an oily surface. These coffees have a medium acidity and body, as well as a rounded flavor profile.”

Garrett Oden, javapresse

But in those darker roast coffee beans, the retention of flavor and taste is lesser than those previous ones. So, when the goal is to extract most of the flavor and intent, you must choose light, medium-roasted beans.

Grind Size

Moccamaster has different types of models that provide the best quality of coffee of any kind and size of beans. But the best quality will come if the size of the ground beans is similar to the seat salt or rough sand (medium-coarse).

What Are The Best Coffee Beans For Moccamaster? [Top 3]

By observing all the recommendations of Moccamaster, we are providing some best coffee beans for it.

1) Ethiopian Bright Light Roast

Our first choice is this single-origin bean that will give you a decent cup of coffee. This bean will give the coffee a lemon and honey flavor. Besides, this has a bright taste and is mainly recommended for those who love slight bitterness.

Top Features:

  • Single-origin Ethiopian bold light roast.
  • Lemon & honey flavor.
  • Roasted in a small batch gives a smooth & bold aroma.

The packaging of the beans is essential, and this is provided with a roasted package that ensures top quality. Also, it comes with a dark and small batch roast that preserves the flavor.

2) Wink Blonde Roast Colombian

These sustainable Colombian-grown coffee beans come with a brighter and more robust flavor. Also, it contains a floral aroma. However, we recommend it mainly to those who don’t love the overwhelming taste on their tongue.

Top Features:

  • Colombian-grown coffee beans.
  • Single-Origin coffee with brighter and more robust flavor.
  • Roasted in a small batch to maximize freshness.

This whole-bean coffee is perfect for the Moccamaster machine. Moreover, It comes with an airtight sealed bag that ensures freshness.

3) Kauai Coffee

The Hawaiian Kauai coffee comes with a dark brew. These medium-roasted beans are the best option for Moccamster as they will meet all the recommendations to bring out a great cup of coffee. The only problem is these beans are expensive. However, this is one of the sweetest coffee.

Top Features:

  • Pure Arabica coffee beans
  • One of the sweetest flavors.
  • Medium-roasted beans.


In this FAQ section, we will answer several familiar questions that people ask about Moccamaster coffee makers.

How Do You Bloom Coffee In A Moccamaster?

To bloom coffee in a Moccamaster, first, you have to heat the water and watch till it saturates the coffee. If you find enough water to soak the grounds, shut off the brewer and stir.

Where to Buy Quality Coffee Beans for Moccamaster?

Finding quality coffee beans for your Moccamaster can be a daunting task. But there are several places you can look to find just what you need for a great cup of coffee.

First, look for specialty coffee retailers near you. They often have an excellent selection of freshly roasted beans from a variety of regions, as well as more expert advice and sometimes even grinding options on-site.

Next, gourmet stores or health food shops may also carry good quality beans – though they sometimes come with a premium price tag. It’s worth taking the time to compare prices both online and in-store.

Finally, online marketplaces such as Amazon offer many varieties at affordable prices right at your fingertips. Just make sure you read customer reviews carefully before making your purchase!

Tips on Storing Coffee Beans for an Optimal Cup of Joe?

No matter what kind of coffee beans you choose for your Moccamaster, you can extend the life and taste of your beans by properly storing them. To ensure that you get the most out of your coffee beans, here are a few tips on how to store them:

1. Keep your coffee in an airtight container away from light and moisture. It’s best to store coffee beans in opaque containers rather than clear glass or plastic containers, as light can affect the flavor of the beans.

2. Once the beans are ground, they are much more vulnerable to degradation and should be consumed within two weeks after grinding.


Moccamaster coffee maker provides excellent quality coffee with its unique features. The Coffee Association marks it as number one for the longevity and quality of the machine.

So what are the best beans for Moccamaster? Undoubtedly, medium and lightly roasted will give you the best experience overall. However, feel free to choose your preferred beans with taste and flavor. Eventually, you don’t have to worry as Moccamaser will ensure the quality.

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Coffee Scale

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