Blade Grinder Vs Burr Grinder: Which One Is Right for You?

From crushing the coffee beans for espresso to the French press, you’ll need a durable grinder that can grind the perfect size with stable grinding quality. Blade and burr grinders are among the most popular grinders available for grinding coffee beans.

Blade grinders chop the coffee beans but produce uneven grind, while the Burr grinder can grind all sizes for each coffee brewing method with consistency in grind size. And for the grinding system and size, a Burr grinder is better than a blade grinder.

But that’s not all! You must compare all the features in between before having a final call. So, Blade grinder vs Burr grinder: which is right for you?

We are here to help you with the comparison of blade grinders vs burr grinders, including their operating capacity, grinding system, durability, cost, and control. Keep reading till the end to learn all the facts about these two grinders.

The Basic Differences between Blade and Burr Grinders

Blade and burr grinders have different grinding mechanisms. One of the most remarkable dissimilarities between blade and burr grinders is their workability. Also, it takes less time to grind coffee beans with burr grinders than the blade ones [1].

How Does Blade Grinder Work?

Blade Coffee Grinder
Blade of A blade coffee grinder
Blade of A blade coffee grinder

Electric blade grinders are common in household kitchens. A good quality blade grinder has a high-speed blending capacity that chops your coffee beans and spices into random large cubes to powder [2].

It features stainless steel blades and grinds the beans with a low heat capacity (depending on the quality). With the good quality propeller blades, it’ll take 10 to 15 seconds for the medium ground and 8 seconds for the coarse ground.

How Does Burr Grinder Work?

Burr grinders include two rotating discs made of stainless steel or ceramic that crush coffee beans and make desired-size coffee grinds. Along with perfect grind size, it offers consistency.

Burrs of Baratza Encore Grinder
Burrs of Baratza Encore Grinder

Some of the burr grinders have variable speed options to control speed by the user. It requires 15 to 20 seconds for the finest coffee dust, 10 to 15 seconds for medium powdery form, and 8 to 10 seconds for large chunks.

Types Of Burrs Grinder

Two burr grinders are available: flat wheel and conical. The most effective burr grinders are the conical ones because it comes up with inner cone-shaped and outer saw-toothed discs to grind the fine coffee texture. 

Moreover, it keeps the consistency of the coffee flavor. On the other hand, a flat-wheel burr grinder works with razor-sharp circle-shaped burrs with the highest grinding capacity. 

The Pros and Cons of Blade Grinders

Here are the benefits and limitations of blade grinders.

  • It is more affordable than blenders and burr grinders
  • These grinders have low maintenance capacity
  • A blade grinder is portable, so you can carry them anywhere
  • It grinds inconsistent lumps and has low brewing quality
  • The blades rotate at high speed, which can produce a fine grind but heats up the ground

The Pros and Cons of Burr Grinders

Following are the pros and cons of burr grinders.

  • The burrs create a pleasant coffee quality that’s good for amazing fragments
  • You can adjust the grinding capacity according to your requirement
  • Burrs last longer than blades, and it makes burr grinders
  • Burr grinders are required to maintain and clean properly
  • It needs more monitoring while grinding

Comparison Between Burrs & Blade Grinder

FeaturesBlade GrinderBurr Grinder
DurabilityLasts for 5 to 10 yearsLasts for 12 to 15 years
Cost$12 to $50$35 to $150

How to Choose the Right Grinder for Your Coffee Brewing Method?

There are more things you should consider while selecting a grinder according to your coffee brewing techniques. These include-

Grind Size

One of the most important things you’ll need for every coffee brewing method is the grind size. You have to match the grind size to your coffee brewing ideas. Otherwise, it’ll be challenging to make refined brewing coffee. 

For instance, it requires coarser grounds for dip methods like French press and cold brew. And you can try a regular drip coffee brewing with a medium coarse grind.

Thus, it’ll need a medium sea salt grind for machine drip and siphon. On the other hand, the fine grind can make a Moka pot method like espresso.


While choosing a grinder, you must check the system settings. For example, Blade grinders come up with one-touch settings that won’t let you choose the varieties of coffee grind sizes.

Baratza Encore Grind Settings
40 Grind settings in Baratza Encore grinder

On the contrary, Burr grinders have different settings for various grind sizes. You can try the Turkish coffee pot method to cold brew with these settings.

Texture And Flavor

When it comes to brewing coffee, it’s necessary to consider the texture and flavor. The texture and flavor depend on the brewing method.

For instance, to brew refined coffee with a creamy texture, pick a burr grinder that makes the finest coffee dust and keeps up the genuine flavor. And a blade grinder can be used for cold brew or pour-over coffee texture. But it can’t make the espresso or Turkish pot coffee perfectly due to the lumpiness.

Portable VSSL coffee grinder
Portable VSSL coffee grinder


You should look into the materials of the grinder for long-lasting use. Additionally, it matters for brewing quality too. Most grinders are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Check whether the blades and jar materials are stainless steel for choosing blade grinders. And to pick the burr grinders, you must also consider the stainless-steel or ceramic discs and containers.


We suggest looking into the grinder’s speed to understand the grinding quality as well. You can try different coffee brewing if your grinder has several speed settings.

In particular, the blade grinder includes only one-speed condition. But some burr grinders have different speed capacity that helps to experiment with all brewing techniques.

Should You Spend More Money on a Higher Quality Grinder?

Yes, you should, quality matters! Spending money on a premium grinder is one of the most effective decisions that can change your coffee brewing instinct.

High-quality grinders ensured durability, flawless workability, robust build quality, and better grinding capacity than average grinders or blenders.

However, it depends on your love for coffee and whether you should invest more money in a long-lasting grinder. Hence, it’s worth buying a top-quality grinder that makes your coffee brewing more interesting.

Here are some of the best burr grinders available.

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

  • 40 grind settings
  • Quiet operation
  • 1-year warranty

Breville Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

  • 60 grind settings
  • 18 Ounce capacity
  • No heat build-up

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

  • Quiet & not messy
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Built-in timer &15 grind settings


Here are some mostly asked questions answered about blade and burr grinders.

Can you use a blade grinder for espresso?

Yes. But it takes extra time to prepare coffee beans for espresso with blade grinders. As you can’t customize the speed or size on this grinder, you need to grind the coffee beans on repeat to make the fine coffee dust.

How do I know if my grinder burr needs replacing?

When the burrs are grinding inconsistent lumps and not making powdery form, you need to change the burrs. Also, replace it if the burr isn’t sharp enough to make a soft coarse grind.

Are burr grinders hard to clean?

No. After every use, you can easily clean the burrs and jar with cleaning wipes. If you grind coffee beans often, clean the grinders deep twice a month, washing jars and burrs with soapy water.


Comparison of Blade grinder vs burr grinder will help you to select the best choice for your kitchen. Whether you’re drinking regular coffee or love experimenting with coffee brewing methods, good quality, and reliable grinder is a must-have appliance.

We highly recommend the burr grinder for its consistent texture, amazing grind size, and flavorful taste. However, a blade grinder can chop coffee beans on average. But it’s quite difficult with the grinder blades. That’s it. Now choose the convenient grinders that match your budget and requirement.

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