Can you use a paper filter in a Moka pot?

Moka pots come with a built-in filter, but can you use a paper filter in a Moka pot? In short, yes, you can use a paper filter in your Moka pot. Using a paper filter will change the result.

It will make your coffee cleaner and stronger, remove sediments, and add more crema. So, it actually depends on how you like your coffee.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about paper filters in Moka pot and more. So, let us get right to it.

Does Moka Pot Need Filter?

Nice crema on top of Moka pot espresso

Moka pots are easy to use, and most of the time, they guarantee a good brew of coffee, depending on the preparation. The build of these pots makes that possible, and the filter is an essential part of it.

The filter is built-in, and it cannot be removed. It is because you cannot make coffee in these pots without a filter. The filter lets the coffee flavor flow into the pot without the sediment.

Otherwise, the sediments will make the coffee bitter and will ruin the taste. If you add another layer of filter, like the paper filter, it makes the extract more refined. It makes the coffee look cleaner, makes the taste stronger, and adds a fuller crema.

It is not something that is absolutely necessary for the Moka pot. The built-in metal filter is more than enough. So, the paper filter is an additional attachment and depends on the user’s preference.

I like using paper filters because even a small percentage of sediments bothers me as I want to enjoy the coffee till the last sip.

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Benefits of Paper Filters with Moka Pot

Using a paper filter in a Moka pot means there would be visible changes, like the coffee would look fuller with crema, a lower amount of sediments, etc. However, there is another benefit.

A paper filter can also filter some amount of diterpenes. Diterpenes is a substance that is found in brewed coffee. It is part of the natural coffee oil and can raise the cholesterol level, and it is bad for the human body in the long run.

A paper filter works more effectively to block out diterpenes than the metal filter that comes with a Moka pot. So, besides the changes in taste, paper filters also have health benefits.

Moka pot without a paper filter

Does a Moka Pot with a Paper Filter Have Any Drawbacks?

A paper filter will filter out the natural oil of the coffee. For this reason, many people complain that the flavor of the coffee decreases somewhat.

Now, the loss of flavor does not mean a decrease in potency. The coffee becomes stronger but a little stale in terms of taste. That is one of the main drawbacks of a paper filter.

Another would be that the paper filter needs to be changed frequently.

A paper filter would be good for one brew then it needs to be replaced. Also, they cost money, but the metal filter that comes with the Moka pot is reusable.

Comparing the Taste Difference Between Coffee Brewed in a Moka Pot with and Without a Paper Filter

The taste difference between coffee brewed with and without a paper filter is quite apparent. The taste of coffee brewed without a paper filter has more coffee oil, sediments, and less crema.

The increased amount of coffee oil makes it flavorful; the sediments make it a bit better, and less crema means it is less aromatic.

With a paper filter, the coffee is brewed slower, so the coffee is stronger, the amount of sediments also decreases, and it has a fuller crema.

Moka pot coffee with filter

This means the coffee has higher potency, and the lower sediments make it cleaner and less bitter. Also, a fuller crema makes the coffee aromatics.

I’ve tested Moka pot coffee both with a paper filter and without a paper filter, and here’s the result of my experiment.

With FilterWithout Filter
FlavorfulMore flavorful
Less bitterBitter
Stronger blendUsual blend
Fuller cremaUsual crema

The taste that people prefer differs from individual to individual. So, a good coffee is that, the one you love.

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Where Do You Put the Paper Filter in a Moka Pot?

Here’s the place where you need to use a paper filter

The paper filter is put between the funnel and the metal filter plate. The paper filter acts as a primary filter with the metal filter. The coffee is first filtered through the paper filter, then the metal one.

Depending on the size of the Moka pot, the size of the paper filter can change. The size that you can get in the market is listed here.

The size of the Moka potThe size of the paper filter
3 Cup Moka pot5.6 cm
6 Cup Moka pot6 cm
9 Cup Moka pot6.8 cm

So, be sure to get the right size of filter that fits your Moka pot. If you do not put the right-sized filter, it will not filter your coffee properly. If you need a visual aid, follow this video for a better understanding.

What Are the Best Paper Filters to Use in a Moka Pot?

There are many companies that make paper filters for Moka pots. Particularly Melitta, Hario, Chemex, Bravilor, and Filtropa, these companies make good coffee filters.

They range from 5 to 7 dollars per package and have 100 filters in each pack. All of the filters are good enough for daily use, and they are mostly around the same price.

Is It Healthier to Use a Paper Filter for Coffee?

In short, yes, it is healthier to use a paper filter than to drink unfiltered coffee. Moreover, drinking unfiltered coffee can result in cardiovascular health issues and even death among the elderly.

On the other hand, traditional filter papers contain only a small amount of chlorine in them which is deemed safe for consumption. Furthermore, there are unbleached filters that are environmentally friendly too!

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Key Takeaways

At a glance, can you use a paper filter in a Moka pot? Yes, you can because they give you benefits like;

  • Stronger blend
  • Sweeter Coffee
  • Fuller crema, that looks good
  • Health benefits

So, if you want to have a coffee that is strong, sweet, and looks like a proper espresso, you can use paper filters. Also, they help you to keep your cholesterol low.

However, in the end, it all depends on how you like your coffee. There is no ideal coffee for everyone. So, enjoy your coffee how you love it.

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