The Ultimate Moka Pot Size Guide: What You Need to Know

A Moka pot is a coffee-making pot that brews ground coffee by pressurizing boiled water through steam and makes your coffee accordingly. Brewing in a Moka pot not only saves the hassle but also provides you with a quality drink.

By the way, getting the right size of a Moka Pot is important to produce the right amount of coffee [1]. It also impacts the flavor’s strength, brewing time, and temperature of the coffee.

So, no more ado. Let’s dive into the deep of the facts with the right size of Moka Pot. We will also enlighten the advantages of Moka Pot and how to choose the right size with other relevant discussions.

Benefits of Owning a Moka pot

Espresso in Moka Pot
Espresso style coffe in moka pot

When you’re getting a Moka pot, your coffee-making will be soothing. Let’s check the benefits of owning a Moka pot, and how it can change your coffee experience. 

Ensures the best taste

Moka pot makes excellent rich coffee. It can make espresso-style coffee without the need for an espresso machine. Many coffee lovers rate Moka pot highly, and they consider it one of the best for brewing coffee at home. I am one of them, and I love Moka pot coffee more than anything else in the morning. 


Making coffee in Moka Pot is so easy. From grinding your coffee beans to finishing brewing, you’ll only need around 15 minutes to have a delicious cup of coffee. 

Great for different flavors

You’d be thinking of making the coffee a bit different at one point. We have also tried; the goal was to check the versatility.

We added cinnamon and some cocoa powder to the pot and made the coffee. It was superb, which can’t be expressed in words. The taste still comes to my mind whenever I think of it.

Small in size

Apart from all the pot additions, you won’t have to make additional ample space to keep the pot in your house. They’re small; even the largest one won’t take up much space.

How Does a Moka Pot Work?

Moka pot brewing coffee
Moka pot brewing coffee

A Moka pot brews your coffee by providing a sufficient amount of steam. You pour boiling water on the base and the steam pushes it up to brew the ground coffee on top.

Depending on the heat range, your coffee will be prepared accordingly. Don’t overheat the pot much, because that’d not retain the specialty of the Moka pot. Rather, take it out when you are nearly done with the coffee and let it have a good sudden cool. The flavor you’ll get then is amazing.

Keep in mind the darker the coffee is, the better concentrated and well-extracted the coffee is. Also, the right grind size matters a lot. Too fine a grind can limit the water pass-through rate to the grind, and an overly coarse grind may result in an under-extracted coffee. The ideal grind size is medium fine ground.

Understanding Moka Pot Sizes

Now, what size Moka pot do you need? Well, that’ll depend on your need, to be honest.

Depending upon needs, quantity, and requirements, the pot comes in various sizes. Here, you have a Moka pot size guide where you’ll clearly perceive the pot sizes. You pick them according to your need.

Moka Pot SizeCapacity in RealDimensionsPrice Range
1 cup moka pot2 oz or 59.12 mlHeight: 133 mm Base: 64 mm$30-$35
3 cup moka pot6 oz or 177.43 mlHeight: 159 mm Base: 83 mm$42-$48
6 cup moka pot10 oz or 295.72 mlHeight: 216 mm Base: 102 mm$54-$60
9 cup moka pot18 oz or 532.32 mlHeight: 254 mm Base: 105 mm$63-$75
12 cup moka pot25 oz or 739.35 mlHeight: 292 mm Base: 127 mm$80-$95

Comparing Different Moka Pot Sizes

Before you buy any of the sizes, it is imperative to decide your need. Because that is where the pot will come to serve you accordingly, for a single person, it will not be holistic to buy a 6-cup Moka pot or a 9-sized.

Yes, there are requirements and need in the market for all of these sizes. Let’s know them.

1-cup Moka pot

1 Cup Moka Pot
1 Cup Moka Pot

Comes in a small size and might not fulfill a single person’s daily coffee needs with 2 oz. The coffee brewer will serve you the equivalent of one espresso cup. The size might not be enough for you, just enough for espresso. For a delightful latte or cappuccino, you might want to get a bigger one.

3-cup Moka pot

A complete and perfect pot for a single person. You won’t have to think about brewing coffee from time to time. The 6-oz coffee maker is enough to brew a sufficient amount to drink the coffee relaxed and keep some more for another serving.

6-cup Moka pot

6 Cup Bialetti Induction Moka Pot
6 Cup Bialetti Induction Moka Pot

The 6-cup Moka pot is sized 10 oz. It’s perfect for two people. If you’re a single person, this 10-oz coffee will fulfill your two-times coffee requirement in full. You might even find some left at the end of the day.

9-cup Moka pot

A 9-cup Moka pot is designed to serve a family. 18-oz coffee can be brewed with this pot, which is sufficient to serve a family of 4-5 people.

12-cup Moka pot

From the name, you can already guess how big the pot is. And it is the biggest of the pots. You can get 12 standard espressos cup-sized coffee from the pot, coming in 25-oz. This could be the one you’re looking for if you and your family need coffee more than once a day.

Choosing the Right-Sized Moka Pot

Before purchasing the Moka Pot for your needs, you should consider some facts based on your needs. These will help you to pick the Moka pot by letting you not waste your money. Check the facts below.

Moka pot brew one cup
Moka pot brew 1 cup

Members serving

Think about a good purchase on the average coffee intake, members you have in your house, and visitors visiting frequently. For a family, a nine or 12-cup Moka pot is enough; it’ll also serve additional guests.

On the other hand, if you are the only one who consumes coffee in the house, a 3-cup will be a perfect choice. You can also buy one-cup size, but remember the cup size is equivalent to an espresso cup which is way smaller than a standard cup.

Hope this table will help you to understand the Moka pot cup size better.

Moka pot cup sizeozml
1 cup260
3 cups6.5200
6 cups10300
9 cups18.5550
12 cups25775

Stove size

Remember, getting an oversized pot won’t match your brewing expectation. You can still brew quality coffee for a more miniature stove, although you might need to brew multiple times.

If you need to brew your coffee on the stove, make sure the pot size fits your stove.

Heat retention

This is not concerned with the pot’s size but the pot’s quality. The better the pot’s quality, the more heat it will keep for a long time. If you get a good quality Moka pot of 9-cup, you can retain the heat for about an hour here. And for 12 cups, it can go on for 3 hours as well.

And this is a feature you’ll be looking for pots that’ll serve you multiple times of the day, like 6,9, and 12-cup Moka pots.

It is okay not to indulge the feature for 1-cup, 3-cup, and 6-cup Moka pots. You won’t keep coffee in them for later; you can’t just.

Ease of using

Don’t go fancy the very first time buying a Moka pot. Go a little simple here because you would not want your first Moka pot to be complicated. Then you’ll end up messing more with the pot than making coffee.

It’s suitable to avoid electric Moka pot at first here. You might find it complex with the timer and other settings. You can get a stainless steel Moka pot if you have an induction stove, otherwise, go for an aluminum Moka pot for gas stove use.

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The price should be one of the biggest concerns. Don’t spend extra bucks only for enthusiasm if you get your desired Moka Pot at a lower price.

Make sure the money you spend makes the most sense and the pot gives you the best value for money.

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Recommended sizes based on usage

We need to know the specific number of peeps the pot will be serving. Saying it again, it would not be a wise decision if you bought a large pot for yourself only. Again, a small pot serving a large consumer would require more effort.

Categorizing the pots based on usage could be helpful for you. Let’s do it here.

For a single person

A 3-cup Moka pot would be enough for a single person. One cup pot might not serve up to the limit, as it will provide you with only half a mug. If you’re satisfied with that, you can go. Otherwise, a 3-cup Moka pot is perfect.

For doubles

It would be more than enough to have a 6-cup Moka pot for two persons. Be it for a couple or roomies, this pot would be a go-to thing for daily coffee consumption. It can serve you more than your requirements.

For Families

A regular coffee-drinking family can have a 9-cup Moka pot. It indeed lives up to the expectation. A 12-cup coffee pot would also serve more than enough; at least it won’t be underused or wasted. For a house with frequent visitors, a 12-cup Moka pot could be highly recommended.

Tips on Brewing Perfect Coffee with the Right Moka Pot Size

Knowing how to make coffee ideally on the Moka pot would be incomplete. Yes, perfection is important because you’re buying the pot for that goal, right?

Before you brew, ensure some stuff:

  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Moka pot
  • Hot water
  • Coffee grinder
  • Towel

Now, it’s time to make coffee!

Step 1: Grind the coffee

Take enough coffee and grind them to medium-fine ground. If you are unsure which grinder to use, please read this article on the best coffee grinders for Moka pots.

Step 2: Pour water

Fill the water base of the Moka pot with hot boiling water. Some also use cold water, I even did that several times, but I would recommend preheating the water to get the best result. And also never half-fill the water chamber since it will hamper the coffee extraction.

Step 3: Assemble the Moka pot

Now, set up the Moka pot. Put the ground coffee in the ground coffee container. Level it with your finger, don’t tamp it too hard, as it may restrict the water flow rate through the ground. Now screw it tightly to prevent any leak during brewing.

Step 4: Set it on the stove

Now, just place the pot on the stove and rest as the coffee brews accordingly. It could take around 5~7 minutes to complete the brewing.

Step 5: Final and the special touch

As you see, the temperature goes up; the coffee will start to spurt. When it is about to start sputtering, take it out and place the bottom part under cold water, and wrap it with a wet towel. As you cool the pot, you’re preventing coffee to be over-extracted.

Maintaining a Clean and Hygienic Moka Pot

As you brew the coffee, its oil and grounds remain inside. If you keep it there for a long time, it clogs inside. They won’t impact your health but will hamper the flavor you want to get from your brewing.

So, right after completing the brew, disassemble the pot and clean it, part by part. Never use soap for cleaning, only warm water is enough. Throw the used grounds into the garbage, or use composting purposes and rinse the pot with soap and a washer.

After rinsing, don’t forget to dry the pot up, especially if you have an aluminum Moka pot. Because storing a rinse pot would damage the body and the inside of the pot. Late on, it’ll have an impact on your coffee.

It is recommended to clean the pot by yourself rather than putting it in a dishwasher. You need to reach certain parts by yourself and do the cleaning. Also, don’t be too harsh with your scrub. Remember, ensuring the body is also essential.


What if buying a large Moka pot and making a small amount of coffee?

If you’re planning to buy a large Moka pot but only make a small amount of coffee, it’s important to consider the potential drawbacks.

Using a larger Moka pot to make a small amount of coffee may not allow for the same level of precision and control over the brewing process as using a smaller pot.

Additionally, using a larger Moka pot to make a small amount of coffee may impact the flavor of your brew. It’s important to use the correct ratio of coffee to water to ensure that the flavors are properly balanced.

What is the ratio of coffee to water in a Moka pot?

The general ratio for coffee to water is 1:12 in a Moka pot. And it yields enough flavor for your drink, close to espresso. If you want a lighter flavor like cappuccino or the latter, you can make the ratio 1:15.

Can a Moka pot crack or blow up?

A Moka pot can blow up if you use it out of its nature. Tamping the coffee inside could be a good reason for the explosion.

Also, making the coffee pot clogged by using extra fine ground can be a reason. Only cleaning and using it as recommended can be the safer option here.


Moka pot is fantastic and only notable when you use it correctly. And it’s simple to use it accordingly; all you have to do is to get the correct-sized Moka pot and brew in it properly.

We recommend you choose the pot that you need. Be fancy with the quality of the coffee, not the pot. Ultimately, you’ll be brewing coffee in it, so why take unnecessary hassle? Don’t forget to clean it after using it, also.

Lastly, the pot never restricts you on its size. You can take the size out of your box, there is no wrong with it. A larger pot will brew you more coffee. So you can store and drink it later. And the smaller one can be useable for family, you never know, you might not need to brew coffee regularly.


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