Moka Pot vs French Press: Which Is Best For You

A Moka pot, also known as a stovetop espresso maker, works by heating water in a chamber at the bottom of the pot. This creates steam that passes through the ground coffee and then rises to the top of the pot.

A French press also called a plunger pot or press pot is a manual coffee brewing device that produces coffee by steeping coarsely ground coffee in hot water. The coffee grounds are separated from the brewed coffee using a metal mesh filter.

The main difference between the Moka pot & French press lies in the brewing process. The Moka Pot is perfect for those who enjoy robust coffee with a thick crema on top. On the other hand, the French Press is ideal for those who prefer smoother and more flavorful coffee

In this article, we will explore the differences between the Moka Pot and French Press and help you determine which brewing method is right for you.

Brief History and Origins of Moka Pot and French Press

The Moka Pot was invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti from Italy. Bialetti wanted to create a simple and affordable way for people to make espresso at home.

Since then, the Moka Pot quickly gained popularity in Italy and became a fixture in many Italian homes. Today, it is still a popular way to make coffee in Italy and around the world. In fact, the Bialetti company estimates that there are over 200 million Moka Pots in use worldwide.

Attilio Calimani, an Italian designer, first obtained a patent for the French Press in 1929 [1]. In the 1950s, Faliero Bondanini from France improved the design and made it more popular.

Moka Pot Bialetti
Moka Pot Bialetti

A Quick Comparison of Moka Pot and French Press

Comparison OverviewMoka PotFrench Press
Brewing MethodUses pressure to brew coffeeUses steeping to brew coffee
Taste and FlavorStronger, richer, and more full-bodiedSmoother and cleaner taste and stronger flavor
Grind Size FlexibilityRequires medium-fine grindRequires medium-coarse to coarse grind
VersatilityLess versatileMore versatile
PortabilityCompact and doesn’t require electricity, an excellent option for camping trips or travelIt is portable and delicate as well
DurabilityHighly durableLess durable

Moka Pot Vs French Press [Head-to-Head Comparison]

Here we are going to compare both brewing process side by side. This will help you to understand their aspects clearly.

Brewing process

The Moka Pot consists of three chambers: the bottom chamber which contains water, the middle chamber with coffee grounds and the top chamber which collects freshly-made coffee. When heat is applied, steam pressure is created which causes it to rise through the center section towards the final chamber.

French Press
French Press

While the French Press, also known as a press pot or plunger pot, It’s a plunger-style device that brews coffee by steeping the coffee grounds in hot water. The coffee is then separated from the ground by pressing a plunger down to the bottom of the pot.

Taste and flavor

The taste and flavor of coffee brewed in a Moka Pot and French Press are distinct. Moka Pot coffee tends to be stronger, richer, and more full-bodied. It also has a slightly bitter taste due to the high pressure and temperature used in the brewing process.

On the other hand, French Press coffee has a smoother and cleaner taste. It also retains more of the coffee’s natural oils, giving it a stronger flavor profile.

French press coffee brewing
French Press Coffee

Grind size Flexibility

The Moka Pot requires a fine grind, similar to espresso, to ensure that the water can pass through the coffee grounds easily.

Coarse Coffee grounds for French press
Medium-fine grounds for Moka pot
Medium-fine grounds for Moka pot

In contrast, the French Press requires a coarser grind to prevent the coffee from becoming too bitter. However, the French Press is more flexible with the grind size, and you can adjust it to your preference.


Both Moka Pot and French Press are affordable. You can find them at roughly around $20 as a starting price.


Nice crema on top of Moka pot espresso

Maintaining a Moka Pot is relatively easy. After use, you need to disassemble it and clean it with soap and water. It’s also advisable to clean the gasket to ensure a tight seal.

On the other hand, a French Press requires a bit more effort. The plunger needs to be disassembled and cleaned, and the mesh filter needs to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the buildup of coffee residue, which can affect the taste of your brew.

Moreover, the glass carafe of a French Press is delicate and can easily break if not handled carefully.

Ease of use

The French Press is easier to use than the Moka Pot, as it does not require as much precision or attention during brewing.


The Moka Pot and the French Press are both versatile brewing methods. Aside from brew that’s similar to espresso, the Moka Pot can be used to make various coffee drinks, including Americanos and lattes.

The French Press, it’s also versatile in that you can use it to brew tea or even cold-brew coffee.


The Moka Pot is more compact and easier to transport, making it a good choice for camping or travel. The French Press, on the other hand, is more fragile and difficult to transport


Moka Pots tend to be more durable compared to French Presses due to their aluminum and stainless steel construction.

The French Press is typically made of glass, which can break if not handled carefully. By the way, some models are made of stainless steel, which makes them more durable and less likely to break.

However, the Moka Pot and the French Press can last for years if properly maintained.

You can watch out this video to get the comparison between these two pots.

Best Uses for Moka Pot and French Press

Here we have shown some best uses of both Moka Pot and French Press in where they suit most. Hence, here are a few situations for using Moka Pot.

1. Here are a few ideal situations for using a Moka Pot

  • Home Use
  • Strong Coffee
  • Small Gatherings

2. Ideal Situations for the French Press

Here are a few ideal situations for using a French Press

  • Home Use
  • Brewing for Multiple People
  • Perfect for Cold Brew

What Are Experts’ Opinions?

Experts say that the Moka Pot is an excellent choice for people who prefer robust coffee. According to studies, Moka Pot coffee has higher levels of caffeine and antioxidants than French Press coffee [2].

The study also found that Moka Pot coffee had a lower level of acidity, which could make it easier for some people to stomach.

On the other hand, experts say that the French Press is an excellent choice for people who prefer full-bodied and rich coffee. According to their findings, French Press coffee has a higher concentration of cafestol and kahweol compounds [3].

These compounds have been shown to have potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and protecting against some types of cancer.

Final Thoughts

For coffee lovers, both the Moka Pot and French Press offer good choices. If convenience is something you’re looking for, the French Press might be more suitable for you.

But if you prefer a strong and flavorful cup of coffee and are willing to put in a little extra effort, it’s Moka Pot.

Personally, the two brewing methods offer great and delicious coffee, I love both. But the decision comes down to individual taste, preferences, and any health considerations.

Whichever method you choose, make sure to use high-quality coffee beans and water. Experiment with different brewing techniques until you find the perfect cup.


Here are some frequently asked questions on Moka pot and French press and clear answers to them.

What is the environmental impact of using a Moka Pot or French Press?

Both are eco-friendly coffee brewing methods. But this can only be made possible if the brewed coffee grounds are converted to compost.

Can you take a Moka Pot or French Press on the go?

Yes, it’s possible to take a Moka Pot or French Press on the go. However, a Moka Pot can be a bit bulky and heavy. And you’ll need access to a heat source, such as a portable gas stove or a campfire.

A French Press is also portable, but it’s more delicate than a Moka Pot. Glass can break if they’re jostled around too much. So you may want to consider a stainless steel or plastic version for travel.

Are Moka Pots more efficient than French Presses?

Moka pot and French press are both unique and efficient in their operations. Moka Pots can be less efficient than French Presses in terms of the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, the French press can be more efficient in terms of the amount of coffee produced per unit of coffee grounds used.


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